Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday, April 14: Schedule

PTCA planned an exciting evening for you that you shouldn't miss!

5:30 p.m. PTCA's Scholastic Book Fair with light refreshment.
6 p.m. MAP Presentation by Lisa Houck. Interpreter provided. Activities for your child provided by Student Leaders.
7 p.m. Last PTCA meeting. Interpreter provided. Activities for your child provided by Student Leaders.

We, the PTCA leadership team, hope to see you tonight!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PTCA Meeting Tonight!

Meeting Agenda
  • Holiday Morning Gathering Wrap-up
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Spring Book Fair, April 12-23
  • Teacher Appreciation Day, May 6
  • Hands for Haiti Update, Julie Walkup
  • Yearbook Update, Committee Member
  • Community Service Update, Committee Member
The next PTCA meeting will be on April 14th. We will have a workshop for parents to be announced shortly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

PTCA Meeting on February 10th is Cancelled

Due to another snowstorm, the meeting is cancelled. We will announce the next meeting date as soon as the logistics are worked out. We will announce through this blog and MSD Frederick mass email. Enjoy the snow. Stay warm and safe!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Next PTCA Meeting- Wednesday, February 10th

There will not be a meeting in January. We will meet in February on Wednesday, the 10th. The meeting agenda will be posted few days before the meeting.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Upcoming Holiday Events. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 28:

MSD Parents Night Out , 7 PM at Firestone’s Culinary Tavern, www.firestonesrestaurant.com

Friday, December 4:

PTCA Bouzaar , 2 PM- 8 PM at MSD Elementary Gym

Wednesday, December 9:

PTCA Monthly Meeting, 6 PM-8 PM at MSD Elementary Conference Room. Interpreter provided. Children activities provided.

Saturday, December 12:

Holiday Morning Gathering, 9 AM-11 AM at MSD Elementary Cafeteria

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009 Meeting Notes

PTCA Meeting Notes
November 11, 2009

1. PTCA Family Movie Night (Jennifer Yost Ortiz, Terri Dietz): We had a good number of attendees, many families with young to older kids. We got several new members to join PTCA. Families enjoyed pizza and popcorn. Even though there was a big mess of popcorn on the floor (which we cleaned up!), everyone really enjoyed it. Terri Dietz signed the story with Edna Johnston—the kids loved it! Check out our blog about this event at msdfptca.blogspot.com.

2. Committee Reports and Updates from Staff
Yearbook (Julie Walkup): things are going along well. So far there are two meetings for training on the computer software, the guy will come to teach committee members how to use it. People really supportive of the elementary yearbook activities. We already see support from the school for this endeavor.

Outreach (Erin Buck): ASDC conference planning, we need more volunteers! There will be a meeting next week. Dorm staff meetings, regular staff meetings and then parent meetings will be hosted at each campus (Columbia Campus meetings are on Mondays, Frederick meetings are on Wednesdays). The request for volunteers has been posted on our PTCA blog (msdfptca.blogspot.com).

Community Service (Emily Shaw): A Complaint Free World campaign is getting support from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. We need to get bracelets and interested teachers to begin the program. Holiday service ideas are needed. Julie Walkup mentioned the Deaf school in Belarus could use donations. There are needs lists for local pantries, we could do a drive for this. We discussed the possibility of making blankets for a local shelter or senior citizens? CSD has a senior citizen program, need to contact Jackie Kanekuni for more information.

Holiday Bouzaar (Andrea Guettler): 12 people are signed up to sell things at the “Bouzaar” and 2 more people are possible tables. PTCA is charging $15 for use of a table, vendors keep all their own proceeds. We need 4 or 5 people to bake things as a fundraiser for PTCA. Mary Lynn Lally said if we need more tables we can put in a work request for more tables. Andrea emailed all the classes who are doing fundraising (like 5th and 8th grades) and offered free tables for them to sell their wares. She hasn’t heard anything back from them as of yet.

Scholastic Book Fair (Becky Jo Baker) We need to use up the Scholastic Bucks we earned by November 27th and figure out where to give the books. Becky Jo Baker and Lisa Herberger talked about maybe doing a fundraiser at the Holiday Gathering where PTCA members could buy one book and get one free. Another option is to donate some profits to the Family Ed Department and Elementary School since it was a lower school book fair. We could give $20 gift certificates to every elementary school teacher and donate $100 to Family Ed. Lisa and Becky Jo will go to the warehouse in Columbia to get books. For the March book fair we will have the teachers give us their wish lists so parents can have the option to buy those books for the teachers. We will have two weeks for the March fair so it will be longer with more events/activities to promote it.

Elementary School: Mary Lynn Lally reported about the possibility of moving the playground equipment, it’s too expensive to move, unfortunately. Jennifer Yost Ortiz said that the playground equipment issue was brought up at the MSD Foundation meeting yesterday, and there is a possibility of getting a grant from them to cover an expanded/improved playground. They discussed the possibility of moving the fence in the Elementary School back several feet. They replied that they need to consider safety policies, codes etc (that was why they moved the fence closer to the building in the first place but they are thinking that they will have to move it further back). In order to request funding from the MSD Foundation, they need a formal letter from the PTCA. We will get more information about that very soon.

3. Upcoming Events
Community Service for Thanksgiving (already discussed)
Happy Hour for Parents: Will occur on Nov. 28th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. For families who are out of town that weekend, no worries, we will have another Happy Hour in the future. We’d like to pick a local bar/restaurant to support, however, most of these establishments are in older buildings with narrow rooms. Erin Buck recommended checking with the local bars during that weekend because it is very busy. La Paz is a good place to host a Happy Hour because the upstairs is open and tends to be available for larger groups.

Holiday Gathering: Who will be Santa? Mary Lynn Lally has a suit. We could ask Bruce Hubbard. Others?? Jennifer Yost Ortiz suggested we could give out red noses to the kids. Julie Wojnar mentioned that there are red noses for a dollar from the dollar store. We will have hot chocolate and donuts and an ASL storytelling component. We could have a blanket making station as well.

4. Open discussion
Terri Dietz suggested we could send out holiday cards from the PTCA and advertise the blog and PTCA’s email address. We need someone to take the lead on this activity.

Julie Walkup brought up again the homework pass, one family couldn’t come because of the homework. Mary Lynn Lally said she’ll send out an email to the classroom teachers about this. The child/ren of parents who will attend future PTCA’s meetings will be excused from homework the evening of the meeting.

Parents really like the idea of having a one-hour PTCA meeting followed by a workshop on different topics relevant to our members. We will draw more families this way. We compiled a list of some ideas for future workshops. We should identify experts to present these topics so we can contact them in advance. Possible topics to discuss include:
Bullying (Patricia Hughes? Marjorie Sonnenstrahl?); Orientation to a Complaint Free World for parents; Jimmy Gore’s system for teaching English with his system (MVL); Others??

Julie Wojnar mentioned doing another Family Math Night as a possible PTCA activity. This would be a great activity to include all of the departments.

5. Reading Fluency Workshop (after the meeting). Thank you Sue Hill for a wonderful workshop on reading fluency! We look forward to more workshops featuring your expertise for our members!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 11th Meeting Agenda

  • Report on PTCA Family Movie Night
  • Committee Reports
  • Upcoming Events
-Thanksgiving Community Service

-MSD Parents Happy Hour, November 28th

-Bouzaar, December 4th

-Holiday Morning Gathering, December 12th

  • Fluency in Reading Workshop by Sue Hill